Monday, November 29, 2010

Mysore week with David Keil

Turns out that my elbow injury is a partial detachment of an annular ligament. Weird injury - I can do a lot of hard things on my arms, but there are some movements that hurt a lot. Movements with resistance, I should add. Like moving forearm up and down is OK, but brushing teeth is not. Working with a mouse for a long time causes elbow to ache. Practicing yoga - too, but to a lesser degree. I think if I am more careful in all the binding poses, especially pasasana, avoid a headstand and be gentle with dropbacks, I should be able to practice. Which is great, because David Keil is in town! Practiced with him this morning. He has a talent of turning the scary moments of ashtanga into very nice ones, so overall the feeling after practice is quite exhilarating. Awesome adjust in kapotasana - I have not been practicing the second series for 2 straight weeks, but kapotasana felt like a manageable pose with his help. It feels like I am getting a nice jump start on my 2011 yoga year. :)


Kaivalya said...

Soryr to hear about your injury. How long will it take for it to heal? I hope you find a speedy recovery from it.

Also: Yay for the 2011 yoga year! I hope you'll be blogging more... I've missed your posts! Would love to hear more about David Keil.

alfia said...

Hi Kai! Good to hear from you.

People say from 2 to 6 months. :( Ligaments are notoriously hard to heal. I have never damaged one before, so I do not know.

More yoga and more blogging are in my 2011 plans! I feel disorganized when I am out of blogosphere for too long. But again, good intentions lead to hell, I heard. :D

Christine said...

Hi Alfia,

Good to hear you're having fun with David despite the injury...hoping for a quick heal!

alfia said...

Hi, Christine!

Thank you. I hope your thumb is back to normal as well.

I think I would not miss David's class even if I had to crawl to it. I love my teachers here in DC, but David is like a treat for me every time. The funny thing is that I think he remembers me pretty well now, mostly because I am constantly broken when he is here. High maintenance student! :D

Tova said...

stair told me you were there this morning! i am in the 9am crew. DK is an AMAZING teacher. so adept and insightful.
i miss you!!!!

alfia said...

Hi, Tova:

I seem to have missed your comment. You lazy bones, you are! :D Couldn't you do 6 am? I miss practicing with you a lot. Your practice is such an inspiration to me. And I miss you, too overall. Will you come on Sunday to AYC?

Tova said...

sweet alfia, i will be gone this weekend :( i do miss you so! my life has become horribly busy! and i am grateful for all my clients but i can't figure out when to get everything else done!
some day we will practice again together?



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