Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you go for a smoke before your backbends?

– David asked me yesterday. Yes. Well, not exactly smoke, but I do take a bathroom break before the dropbacks. It is just the right amount of time – to walk there and back, breathing slowly; it helps to restore some of my energy. As a result, the dropbacks became practically effortless.
Not today, though. In spite of my pitiful record of attendance, I got the dreaded pose – kapotasana. My fear was well grounded - what a shock for the system! I did reach for the feet, but my back was not grateful. The bathroom break restored some of the feeling of well-being, but not enough even to contemplate the drop-backs. Oh, well.

Other news – we moved this weekend. I love my new apartment. Everything is still in boxes, my furniture looks pitiful (all of it is not just second, but third or fourth hand), but it feels right. The tree in front of all our windows is beautiful, the neighbors are friendly, and we already have internet, phone and cable installed. Hopefully I will settle into the routine after a month of madness.

Great day to you all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Final stretch

We are closing the mortgage and moving to a new place this week. I have too many earthly possessions. Hurt my upper back hauling the boxes with books, so there was no yoga yesterday and today. Hopefully will be able to practice tomorrow, need it badly.
I will be back in the blogosphere after we get the internet installed in a new place (sometime next week).

Miss you all!


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