Sunday, March 29, 2009

CRON report

In terms of nutrition - a little better week, but still not good enough. In terms of yoga - below average. Mysore - 3 days, taught 2 classes, home practice - 2 hours. In terms of works - total disaster. I botched a very important experiment somehow, no one is happy about it. Overall, it was a very unlucky week - in all things, big and small. Missed and forgotten chores, $100 parking ticket (I was late by a matter of seconds), and so on. I am glad this week is over; hopefully the next one will be a better one. Besides, it is one week closer to the end of the semester, only 3 weeks left!

Report generated by CRON-o-Meter v0.9.5
Nutrition Summary
March 22, 2009 to March 28, 2009Daily Averages over 7 days
General (91%)
Energy 2059.6 kcal 114%
Protein 77.3 g 172%
Carbs 250.3 g 93%
Fiber 47.9 g 160%
Fat 75.0 g 101%
Water 2113.7 g 53%
Vitamins (100%)
Vitamin A 13788.9 IU 591%
Folate 415.1 µg 104%
B1 (Thiamine) 6.6 mg 597%
B2 (Riboflavin) 6.9 mg 630%
B3 (Niacin) 25.6 mg 183%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 17.6 mg 351%
B6 (Pyridoxine) 15.3 mg 1174%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin)66.9 µg 2789%
Vitamin C 1358.1 mg 1811%
Vitamin D 247.2 IU 124%
Vitamin E 3.7 mg 244%
Vitamin K 167.3 µg 186%
Minerals (90%)
Calcium 1149.8 mg 115%
Copper 2.0 mg 218%
Iron 17.5 mg 97%
Magnesium 480.3 mg 150%
Manganese 5.1 mg 286%
Phosphorus 921.7 mg 132%
Potassium 2820.0 mg 60%
Selenium 41.1 µg 75%
Sodium 1061.0 mg 71%
Zinc 14.6 mg 183%
Lipids (73%)
Saturated 11.8 g 59%
Omega-3 3.5 g 320%
Omega-6 20.3 g 169%
Cholesterol 104.8 mg 35%

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Practically full practice.

Well, not exactly - still no supta kurmasana, though I made an attempt to doing it myself. Also, I have never been able to do the transition between Upavista Konasana A to B. But otherwise - did everything, chakrasanas, dropbacks and standing ups included. Whoo-hoo! There is a dull ache in my left leg now, so probably I should take it a little easier tomorrow with lotuses and half lotuses. But at least I can do it! I am very excited.

The weekend was a total blur - had my taxes done, all the paperwork for work permit, taught classes, and prepared for immunology classes. Haven't even noticed beautiful weather on Sunday until it was time to go and teach. But the feeling of accomplishment should count for something, right?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly report

Trying to get back on CRON vagon, and failing miserably. 121% on calories! Ate like a pig. Weight went down a little, nevertheless, which is strange - 75.2 kg (BMI 25.1 - so close to normal!)
Mysore - 4 days, home practice - 4 days. I started holding poses in my home practice for 5 min with a timer. Felt torturous in the beginning, but now I am enjoying them immensly. In some poses I wait for the timer ring desperately, in some - I feel disappointed that the ring came too early. I concentrate on hip openers mostly, then do backbends and gentle twists. The most intense poses so far - happy baby with the sandbags on my feet and a backbend over the chair. The last one I do using a meditation cushion on the chair seat, because otherwise it starts hurting like hell after 30 seconds. I am a whimp.

Report generated by CRON-o-Meter v0.9.5

Nutrition Summary
March 16, 2009 to March 22, 2009
Daily Averages over 7 days
General (88%)
Energy 2170.5 kcal 121%
Protein 115.5 g 257%
Carbs 305.7 g 114%
Fiber 52.5 g 175%
Fat 62.0 g 84%
Water 1747.4 g 44% (was forgetting to mark down all the water I drunk)
Vitamins (100%)
Vitamin A 24621.5 IU 1055%
Folate 561.2 µg 140%
B1 (Thiamine) 5.1 mg 460%
B2 (Riboflavin) 5.6 mg 513%
B3 (Niacin) 21.8 mg 156%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 13.4 mg 268%
B6 (Pyridoxine) 15.2 mg 1166% (too much?)
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 58.7 µg 2446% (I wonder if it is OK? Seems like too much)
Vitamin C 1787.5 mg 2383%
Vitamin D 410.9 IU 205%
Vitamin E 28.9 mg 193%
Vitamin K 386.0 µg 429%
Minerals (97%)
Calcium 1144.1 mg 114%
Copper 1.6 mg 178%
Iron 16.1 mg 89% (need to find better sources)
Magnesium 401.9 mg 126%
Manganese 3.8 mg 209%
Phosphorus 775.7 mg 111%
Potassium 3579.2 mg 76%
Selenium 77.6 µg 141%
Sodium 2708.8 mg 181%
Zinc 9.9 mg 124%
Lipids (87%)
Saturated 13.8 g 69%
Omega-3 4.1 g 372%
Omega-6 14.7 g 122%
Cholesterol 237.0 mg 79%

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trotting along.

Wow, it has been a week already! Time flies, mostly away from me.
I am aiming for a 5-day Mysore week this week. Had to skip Tuesday, because I overworked my leg on Monday. It did not hurt in the beginning, but then after a couple of eager half-lotus positions it started aching. Wednesday and today I took it easy, had slow and deliberate practices. I actually like it this way - knowing that my practice is shorter than normal, I do not have to hurry and can take my time in any of the poses I like.
Aliya was subbing today, always a treat. He told me to show my leg to a doctor. I think I should have done it two weeks ago, right after the accident. Then I was actually limping and in pain. I imagined myself coming to the doctor and asking for MRI, just because I can't take lotus and supta kurmasana. Do not believe the doctor would be very receptive to the idea. Oh, well, what matters is that it is healing; I just need to avoid doing something customarily stupid and all will be well.

And I started standing up from UD again today - first time after a 3-week break. So far, so good, no back pain (fingers crossed).

Need to work. Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to practice.

Back to practice after a 5-day break. My leg is healing nicely, I can jump back, in or though without jarring pain on landing. Any half-lotus positions and supta kurmasana are still out of the question, but it seems that probably not forever. Without all these poses my practice is kind of short now.Back is not hurting, so I probably should start standing from UD on my own now.

The lack of free time is weighing very heavily on me. Things are going to get worse before getting better. Need to do taxes early, so I could apply for the next year's work permit and visa asap. I feel moody, not quite happy. I miss reading blogs, and talking to all of you! Need to survive until the end of April, need to survive. New mantra. At least I am practicing again.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Everything was going so well. Mysore with David was amazing, I started to look at the old and tired poses in a completely new way. He took in some of the poses much deeper than I was used to, in others - backed me off, allowing to concentrate more on the alignment (Marichi C and D comes to mind). And yet, the new shape of the poses did allow me to deepen them in the end, like in Marichi D I can now consistently bind my wrist. I was doing only assisted drop-backs and stand-ups, so my back is feeling much better and soon I will give another try to un-assisted variations.
So everything was going amazingly well, until I hurt myself. How can a person doing yoga for many years be so clumsy? My left leg slid to the rigt side on a piece of ice that was on ice. I righted myself, but not before I put pressure on the knee with the shin in an unnaral position and my leg made an unpleasant crunching sound. Result - no lotus, half lotus, jumpbacks, jumpthroughs, supta kurmasana, and so on. Limp while walking. I am crippled.... :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Braving the elements.

The stubbornness pays off sometimes. I was contemplating the snow-covered roads this morning and decided to try and get to David Keil's Mysore anyway. I made it in twice the time my Tomtom calculated, but made it there nevertheless. It was good that there were no cars on the roads, because my car moved like it was driven by a drunk. Turned out I was the only one in 6:00 time slot who ventured out and had a nice private session as a result. How cool is that? I have never had that much attention paid to my practice and we uncovered lots of little things I can improve on. For example, gripping my buttocks in updog is apparently not good for the lower back, so we worked on that. I was still doing my practice when 7:30 people slowly trickled in. David helped me with the dropbacks - standups. For the dropbacks he made me do them with arms up, which is a completely unfamiliar territory for me. Lots of fear to work on.

The way back was very adventurous. My car stalled on one of the hills and then started sliding back, while there were several cars behind me. They had to swerve around me, and then zipped up like there was no hill. Very unnerving. My commute to work took 1h45min instead of calculated 26 minutes, but at least I made it there in one piece.

I am so looking forward for tomorrow's Mysore! Do not remember the last time I felt like that about my practice. Whoo-hoo! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Workshop with David Keil

Twelve hours of adjustment workshop this weekend with David Keil (KAIL, as it turned to be properly pronounced) left me sore all over but quite satisfied. Very good workshop for a yoga teacher. Everything he said made a lot of sense. I will have a week of Mysore practice with him, so hopefully will experience all those excellent adjustment first hand.


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