Monday, February 23, 2009

Assisted dropbacks and Dwi Pada

So it was not too bad. David was supportive and he did not take away any of the poses. Of course, being David he could not just let me have it and made it as difficult as he could. His assistance in lifting me up from UD consisted of pressing two fingers into my collarbones. Nevertheless, it was better than nothing, and my back was not screaming. Which kind of tells me how little of extra energy I need to stand up safely. Where to access it, that is the question.
He also allowed me to get into Supta Kurmasana via Dwi Pada, which is exciting. Normally he frowns upon this travesty, saying that Dwi pada is an advanced pose and we have no business attempting it. And I am so close to being able to do it myself! My right heel touches the toes of the left foot when I try to throw the right leg back. Need to practice it at home.

Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stepping back.

Thinking yesterday about my back problem made me realize that this is the right time to face the truth. I should completely stop standing up from UD on my own. Until I am fully pain-free that is. Otherwise it is a vicious circle - my back heals a little, I start standing up, hurt it again and everything repeats over and over. There are two major problems here - I do not want to admit to myself that I can't do it correctly, and I do not want to admit to David that I am in pain, because it will delay my progress for a decade or two. My poor Mysore attendance lately was in part because of my psychological fear of the backbending end of the practice. So here, I am going to ask David to allow me to revert to the assited dropbacks- stand ups, and if he takes away my intermediate poses, so be it. Just writing it down makes me unclench teeth and relax shoulders. Why have I allowed my yoga practice to stress me out so badly?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy bee

I think I did something wrong with my immunology class. I was so eager to teach and to assess their progress that I gave way too many homework and in-class assignments. The result - I am behind in grading, and there is seems to be no end to piles and piles of papers yet to grade. Thank God fro the Presidents Day! I would probably explode if not for this day off my day-time job.
Yoga wise - nothing new and noteworthy. Met with Tova to remedy my backbend woes, but even her magic touch did not improve my standing up from UD much. She gave me some sound advice, though, so maybe long-time effects are yet to come.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Survived this week; Sharon Gannon's workshop

Back to normal, I think. Still sporting purple cupping spots on the back and newly acquired cold sores on the lips, but feeling vastly better. Proctored first exam in my immunology course. A little disappointed by the results, many of the students cheated, but it is OK, I guess.

Today went to Sharon Gannon's workshop at Flow yoga studio. This was the first time I was there, and might be the last. Do not get me wrong, it is a beautiful studio, with lots of cushions around to rest after or before class, and people are very friendly. The problem for me was that this is one of those places that use lots and lots of incense, which immediately constricted my lungs into a pre-asthma attack. I was very peeved with myself, because I forgot to bring my inhaler, my mat and, most importantly, my towel. I am one of those people who start sweating profusely the second they lift arms in the first sun salutation, so this was one huge mistake. The room was too warm, and densely packed with people. One girl was attempting karanda for warm-up, which was doubly impressive considering the distance between mats was an inch or so.
So first there was a signing of her new book, which I of course bought and had signed. Then the whole workshop was dedicated to the importance of being vegan for everything - Earth, humanity, our bodies, etc. I get this topic, I do. I would be a vegan myself, if it did not mean cooking two sets of food for me and for my husband, for which I do not have any energy and enthusiasm at the moment (besides, I think it would be a little inconsistent for a person killing lab mice for living). Anyway, I am not opposed to the idea of veganism in any way. But there was something in the way she was presenting it that left me unmoved. It felt a little insincere to me. Or just lacking true passion. I am not sure, but I was utterly unimpressed. I hope her book will leave a better impression.
The rest of the workshop was OK. Half of it was attaining true fluidity in a sun salutation (there were no jump backs or jump throughs), the rest - a couple of sweet flows, finishing and savasana. Sorry ABY, I was not as enchanted as you were; she might've been too tired or something. Other people loved it, though.
I liked her hair color - it had a cool bluishly-purple tinge to it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No longer blue, but very snotty

Turns out I was getting sick wit a cold or flu. I am snuggled in bed now with a cup of hot tea and sporting huge purle circles on my back. They are large, perfectly round, and slightly blistering around the edges. My husband provided hot tea, my accupuncturist - purple circles, result of cupping efforts. I called the acupuncturist's office in advance, to warn them of my sneezing-coughing-snotty state. They said it was OK to come, in fact, they might be able to help with the cold. I thought - how brave of them! When I came though, I discovered that a receptionist surrounded himself with an array of burning candles, very smelly ones. So much for bravery, but I appreciated his prudence. He is a very nice guy, I should not make fun of him.

Feeling blue.

I feel a little down, hence - no online activity. The latter is also because I do not have any time anymore, but this is hardly an excuse, right? It is just the cold, gray skies, sucky practice and have I mentioned I do not have any time yet? Which also means that all the tools to pick myself up - good book, good tv show, good movie, good time talking to friends or DH are not available anymore. Every time when I indulge myself with something non-work related, I feel guilty thinking about piles of un-graded homeworks and unprepared lectures, and it poisons the pleasure.I used to be such a devoted lazybum, those were good, good times.

About sucky practice. No progress in standing up from UD. I think my abs are made of steel now, since I have been practicing lagy vajrasana dips religiously every day. Back strengtheners, too. But alas, this did not help. I mean I can stand up; but when I do it three days in a row, the bones of my lower back start hurting again. Not muscles, but the spines of the vertebrae. I can picture them grinding against each other, and that adds to my psychological unwilligness to do it. David says that I am holding my breath standing up. I feel this is not the reason, but a consequence of the injury - I am just too scared to hurt myself, I can't help it but to hold breath. Oh, well. Blah.

Need to dig up that St.John's wort. Herbal modifications of my body always worked for me, hopefully they will keep me afloat until Spring comes.

Time to grade papers while my experiment is running on its own. Have a great day, everyone!


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